Hello everyone!

Yesterday was a sunny windy day here on the Island so I thought I should harvest some of my hydrangeas for bouquets now but also over the winter as they dry so well.

We have several fairly large shrubs of Limelight that have turned lovely shades of pink and green.

Baskets & bouquets

I gathered a few roses to dry also.

I placed bouquets of them around our home but shared some with the lovely ladies at the home where Mom lives. As some of you know my Mom had surgery a month ago and her recovery has been slow but I am happy to say that in the last few days she has shown some improvement-eating a little more,smiling more and a little more strength but she has yet to regain any walking ability. I am hopeful though that she will get stronger now that she is eating a little and staying awake more. I am so glad to see those smiles again and hear her familiar- It's good to see you, Carolyn !----- when I arrive!

This is a summer bouquet to show you the change in color the cooler temperatures have made.

Thank you for stopping by today.

Take care,



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