Hello everyone,

I am so happy you stopped in for tea today as I have made a treat for you.

We have been picking blackberries here for the past few weeks and there are still more to ripen. I love picking these berries as the weather is nice and the pickin is easy. they grow wild so they are totally organic and free for the picking.

Blackberries and cream

I made some biscuits and whipped the cream.

And then I made some blackberry shortcakes for us.

I poured a cup of tea for you..

So come on over and help me out with these!

My inspiration for these is the cover of the Victoria Magazine May-June 2009. I just picked up the new issue out and I am looking forward to my bedtime read!

Today is Tea time Tuesday at Rose Chintz Cottage and also at Lady Katherines Tea Parlor and there is also a Victoria blog party at A Delightsome Life so I am going to join in with these lovely ladies-hope you can too!

There are few hours in life more agreeable then the hours dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea. Henry James

Thank you for visiting.



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