Hello! I am glad you stopped by so I can take you on a little tour of the garden to see what is going on. Warmer weather has returned - 23 degrees Celsius and humid today.

The garden is really taking on the colors of Autumn.

We have several euonymus alatus or burning bushes in the garden and I love the color they turn in early Autumn.

The virginia creeper over the arbor is starting to turn a wine color as well.

Still some roses blooming- this one is new this year, Julia Child.

This is a bellflower-no sure which one. It is a spreader-but pretty. It blooms earlier but is putting out a few new blooms for us to enjoy.

The elder add some nice yellow color to the garden and the birds love the berries.

The sweet autumn clematis is blooming now.

I love how this daylily always graces us with some fall blooms even though it bloomed heavily a few weeks ago.

The roses give me so much pleasure.

The wine red rose is Dark Lady and I love the form,color and perfume. It is a David Austen rose.

Happy Returns daylily gives some repeat bloom late in the season also.

Our water fountain in the centre of the picket fence garden.

As you can see from our little tour the colors of the garden have changed but still give me a lot of pleasure as I stroll through the garden each day or tend to it.

A Fall collage- the pictures are mine but not the sheep , although I think sheep grazing in our field would be a nice added touch!

Thank you for coming on a stroll through the Autumn garden with me.

Thank you also to all who follow my blog both old and new and to all who have left such kind words.

Have a good day!



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