Hello everyone,

It is a beautiful sunny day here today but last night we had our first frost of the season and it was a heavy one! I will have to take in any annuals that I want to keep for next year and store in our basement. Someone asked me how I do that and I forgot to reply(I am sorry) so I just dig them out of the soil and cut of any blooms shake of most of the soil and throw them in a cardboard box and ignore them until about April and then I repot them,cut them back and water them and slowly get them used to the light in our little sunroom. They soon put out lots of new growth and then I add a little fertilizer to the water and they are good to grow! Some,plants in planters we just put in the basement under a window and water a few times over the winter and in spring take them up as well. Our basement is fairly dark and unheated but not really cold so this seems to work for us. Some people just take slips off their plants and restart them so whatever works for you.

Anyway, I wanted to show you the rest of my transferware teacup patterns today. I love the one above but I rarely see that color around here.

I also love this pattern and it too is harder to find.

I do have an assortment of brown and white dishes as well.

And of course,I would have to have blue and white too!

I love this teacup.

I hope you are not getting tired yet!

My sister in law gave me this beautiful one for Christmas a few years ago.

The brown and white ones are easier to find here.

Well, since I shared my more extensive collection of red and white a few days ago I thought you might enjoy seeing the rest of the story!

today I am joining Show off your Cottage Monday at The House in the Roses. Thank you Cielo for hosting -you know I love to show off!

Have a good day


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