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Since I haven't taken you on a garden tour lately I thought today would be a good day to enjoy some time in the garden. We have lots of different varieties of hydrangeas in bloom now. The Annebelle above has been blooming since mid July. They are hardy and reliable so you have to love them!

There is a Sweet Autumn clematis loaded with buds on the gazebo that has yet to bloom. More Annebelles in fore ground. They put out little suckers so I can dig them up and move them around the garden.

I love the Joe Pye weed as it blooms later then most plants and it is pretty. The virginia creeper on the terrace is starting to take on some fall color-soon it will be scarlet.

The verigated phlox has pretty pink blooms now and I love how the foliage brightens up the garden all season.

A shot of our home and garden taken from the tree line down by the brook.

Joe Pye again with the elder berries that the birds are loving in behind.

As you can see there is not as much color in the garden now as the season is winding down but soon it will take on it's fall colors which is pretty too.

This is our garden out by the road .there are four large Limelight Hydrangeas out there. In this photo taken a couple of weeks ago the phlox was in full bloom but it is getting past now.

I love all the different color phlox and I use them in bouquets all summer long as I have early bloomers as well as late bloomers.

this shot was taken a couple of weeks ago too but I don't think I shared it and I do like it even if it is slightly out of focus.

We are back out by the road again.

I like this shot of Joe Pye taken after a good rain before it bloomed.

this is a Tamerack shrub that is interesting with a Unique hydrangea in background.

Couldn't resist a collage.

This is one of my favorite annuals that I grew from seed Nigella or Love in the Mist.

another view of it.

and this is my favorite perennial ' Love in the mist'- my dear husband, in case you' mist' my humor!

Thank you for coming around the garden with me today and I hope you will come back tomorrow for my brown transferware tea ( I am kind of pleased with it so I am hoping you will enjoy it too!)

This weekend is the annual 70 mile yard sale down in the eastern part of the Island and I am looking forward to going again this year.

Today, I am joining in with Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday where ther is lots of outdoor beauty to see.

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