Hello everyone,

Today I have some bouquets and roses for you.

I made a mosaic of some of the bouquets of flowers over the season that I picked from our garden. I will really miss not being able to go out and pick a fresh bouquet any time I want to, but the garden season will be coming to a close all to soon now that it is September.(click on if you would like to enlarge).

This is a new rose that I got this year from Pickering Nursery in Ontario .It is called Louisa Stone- it is so pretty. I picked these a couple of days ago.

This is another new rose Polareis also from Pickering- I have been getting my roses from them for several years now and have always been happy with the quality,price and selection. Polareis or Polar Ice is one I have wanted for a couple of years now but it was sold out before, so I am happy to have it now. It is a hardy rosa rugosa so it will do well in colder climates. I love the dainty white blushed with pink flowers and healthy green foliage. It will be a beauty when it grows up!

Well help yourself to your favorite bouquet and thank you to all who were concerned for our garden during Earl- there was no damage but we could have used more rain !

Take care,



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