Hello everyone,
   We had a stormy day here where schools and work were cancelled for most people. So we enjoyed a cozy day at home like most people.
     My theme today is creamy whites so I have some pictures that I took in our home some recently and some last year.

This amaryllis is called nymph and it is a creamy color with rose touches of  rose and green. It is a double and has a shorter stalk then many.
This is in the guest room upstairs and when I went up to take a photo of the snowy scene outside this caught my eye. I like the creamy tones of it and you can see the snow out the window.
I found the wire basket at a thrift shop and it holds some creamy facecloths and French soaps.

An older picture of the same pitcher.
Creamy white teacup .pearls and a rose.

Two creamy white pitchers from Winner's.

Little granddaughter Jessie in her cream smocked dress having a tea party.

creamy white milk.
A cream pitcher of roses

As some of you know I love birdhouses and have a pretty good collection of them.

creamy white tulips
cream beaded purse

And a dreamy creamy breakfast in the sun room.

Well , I guess that is it for me today but there is lots more to see at My Romantic Home as Cindy is hosting Show & Tell Friday again.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,



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