Hello everyone,
      I have a few more photos I would like to share with you that I took a couple of days ago when it was snowing those big fluffy snow flakes. The photo above is my neighbor's house-it looks so pretty in the snow.
This is also very close to our home-we often walk by here.
 This is Carragher's pond that I took some photos of in the fall so I wanted to get some winter shots too.
We got several inches of snow in the last couple of days.
The same pond from a different angle.
Taken from the opposite side of the road where a brook flows through.
I liked the added interest of the old fence posts.

 Well as you can see from the above photo we travelled through hills and vales to enjoy the beauty of this bleak but beautiful midwinter day!

I hope you enjoyed coming along for the ride.

Take care,



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