Hello everyone,
   I hope you are all enjoying this long weekend. Here on the Island after a couple of beautiful summery days we have gone back to cold.I am wondering if this is the spring that never was! However,worse things could happen so I am done complaining.
  So today I have some beauty to share with you. Karen at Victorian Rose Soap Company sent me some beautiful soaps that are !00% natural.

These handcrafted soaps are made with goat's milk and the highest quality oils and butters of shea and/or cocoa.
They come in many different fragrances or even unscented if you prefer.
I have the lavender soap with real lavender flowers which is a favorite of mine.

But I also love the beauty and fragrance of the ylang-ylang!

I like to keep them by the bath so I can enjoy the fragrance as I soak!

In the wire basket there is a cute unscented soap which intrigued my little grandson.

I have enjoyed using these lovely soaps and I am pleased to know I am using soaps that are actually good for my skin and are environmentally friendly as well.With more and more allergies showing up in our family I am looking for ways to reduce the amount of chemicals our bodies come in contact with on a regular basis.

If you would like to know about these lovely soaps please contact Karen at Victorian Rose Soap Company.

I was happy to see my favorite daffodils are blooming in the garden now as well-aren't they the prettiest daffodils!

Happy Victoria Day to all my Canadian friends.

Thank you for visiting me today,



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