Hello everyone,
   We had a nice day here today and it is going to be even nicer tomorrow so you can bet that I am out in the garden. I took a few minutes off from garden chores though to snap a few pictures of the daffodils.

The hillside garden is covered in daffodils this time of the year.
This is one area of the garden that didn't have a cleanup yet so don't look too close!

Top of hillside garden looking toward our woods with the little brook that was running like a river yesterday with all the rain.

Thalia is one of my favorite daffodils-so dainty.
This is up by the walkway to our house.

there are so many sizes,shapes and colors of daffodils.

Well,one thing about all this gardening is it makes me tired, so I am off you a hot soak in the tub and then to bed!



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