Hello everyone,
  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! It was cold and damp here on Saturday but Sunday turned out to be a lovely day. We took a Sunday drive around a few of our favorite places and it is so nice to see the farmers are finally able to get their crops in and everything is greening up nicely.
 Today, I am sharing some photos that I took in the garden this past week.The garden above is coming in our driveway and where I don't normally like orange in our garden I do enjoy this blast of color in the spring.

The early daffodils now need to be deadheaded but there are some late ones just coming into bloom.
I love blue in the garden in all seasons.
And of course I enjoy pinks as well.
The pictures in the last mosaic were taken in Charlottetown, the city closest to us about a 15 minute drive away from our home.

I am enjoying all the colors of the spring season and in a few more days my lilacs will be in bloom. I always look forward to them weeks in advance.The lilacs are a couple of weeks late this year but better late then never!

I have been snapping hundreds of photos the last couple of days so I will have lots to share with you in the coming days.

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