Hello everyone,
    I hope you are having a lovely weekend! I enjoyed having my friend Heidi come for a tour of the garden yesterday. She is an enthusiastic gardener so it is always a pleasure to share our garden with someone who really loves gardening too.
 This beautiful angel statue was a Mother's Day gift from my family last week.I have placed her out under the magnolia tree for now but I am sure she will be moved many times before finding her final resting place.

I am not sure yet if her bowl will have birdseed or flowers in it for the summer.
Pansies are so cheerful and pretty.
We have been working steadily in the garden in spite of drizzle and cool temperatures. It still feels good to be out there and I am always excited to see the potential. It makes my heart sing.
You can see the changes from last week as the deutizia's are starting to leaf out and the peonies are stretching up.
The hydrangea siiting in the urn is one my husband gave me last spring from the grocery store.It had four huge blooms last year and intense blue flowers. I wintered it over in the basement and am happy to have a dozen blooms or buds on it and they are a soft blue color.If you want an intense blue you must add mir-acid or water with a slight amount of vinegar mixed in the water once in awhile.
Brunnera,white bleeding heart and daffodils are putting on a show. The Carol Mackie daphne is leafing out and will soon have very fragrant pink flowers.
I picked myself a bouquet of hyacinths to enjoy.
The lilacs are going to have lots of blooms soon.
/A garden collage. The raccoon above is a frequent visitor as she lives under our barn. It is hard to keep her away from the birdfeeders.

I am joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays today.

Enjoy your day!



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