Hello everyone,
    Welcome to my first garden tour of the season. Here on Prince Edward Island spring is always a little late in arriving but when it does I take full advantage of it and spend as many hours as I can out in the garden.So,lets have a cup of tea out in my favorite spot in early spring.

Martha's Garden (The tall statue is called Martha and she presides over this little garden all season). Now, I know there isn't a lot of color in here yet as it is still early spring for us here but the fragrance from the hyacinths is lovely and of course there are lots of birds singing.
I made some biscuits for us.They are always nice with a cup of tea.

I bought these pretty mugs at Winner's lately and they match the vintage tablecloth perfectly.

The virginia creeper is just starting to leaf out around the mirror and Martha.Once things start to pop it doesn't take long to leaf out.

We have hundreds of daffodils blooming now all over the garden.

I love that I can go out and pick  garden bouquets from now until October.

The mugs and the vintage teapot are also a perfect match.
Some flowers blooming in the garden now.
This is Martha's Garden in June- my favorite time in the garden.The white shrubs that look like dead twigs now are Slender Deutiza-aren't they pretty?

Well, thank you for stopping by for my very first spring garden tea. I am sure we will be having lots of teas in the garden soon as the weather is warming up and the garden is coming alive!

Today, Bernideen is hosting a Saturday Garden Tea at Bernideen's Tea Time Blog so you can enjoy more garden teas there.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and Happy Mother's Day too! 



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