Hello everyone!
           Come on in and enjoy a cup of tea with me and we can do some garden planning at the same time.

We can enjoy the sunshine in the sunroom that is decked out in some new spring colors. I hope you like lavender!.

I know I shared this old teapot with you yesterday but it went with the color scheme and the light was better so I couldn't resist.  There are no markings on the teapot or the plate so all I can tell you about it is that it was a couple of dollars at a yard sale.
I made us some lemon lavender cookies to go with our tea today. 

If you would like the recipe for these cookies I simply added about a teaspoon and a half of grated lemon and a couple of teaspoons on dried lavender from our garden to my sugar cookie recipe which you will find here .I would have added a bit of lemon flavor if  I had some but I was out and they tasted good without it-just ask my Mom!

Now lets get down to the business of planning our gardens shall we?

Now, I know you are all very observant so did you notice that is our garden terrace on the cover of this little planner from the Canadian Gardening magazine we were featured in several years ago. This winter the heavy snow actually broke the roof off it and my husband and son are out working on it now. I have a pic of my husband standing on the top of it making me very nervous just to watch -I tell you the man is fearless! Last week he got up on the roof of our two story house to put chicken wire over the chimney because a bird came down a couple of times and got into our basement.Thankfully, he didn't fall off!
  Thank you Jen, at A Garden of Threads for those pretty seed packages. I was the lucky winner of a beautiful giveaway at Jen's awhile ago and I will share that with you later.

You probably noticed that the cup and saucer are not a perfect match but do we really care?

I have a little bundle of cookies to take home with you.
 Well, now what are you hoping to add to your garden this year? I am hoping to get the Boomerang lilac that is supposed to bloom spring and fall and a little bit in between .I would love to enjoy a bouquet of lilacs from spring to fall and what about the pink Invincibelle Spirit hydrangea it looks like a great addition to the garden don't you think. The Forever and Ever series of hydrangea sound good for our climate-has anyone tried them? Oh! I could go on forever and ever myself once we start talking gardens but you might be getting bored with me so I will let you go and visit with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for her Tablescape Thursday where I know you will never be bored!

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