Hello everyone!
     Can you believe spring has officially arrived? We still have snow here but it is sunny and melting and I hear more birds singing in the garden lately so that is all good.
  I thought I would share a few pictures from our spring garden in previous years. There are perennials and bulbs popping up in the garden as soon as the snow melts as we had no frost but it will be weeks before we have this color in the garden this year but time passes quickly so I am enjoying the anticipation while I get some spring cleaning done inside so I will be ready to move outdoors as soon as weather permits.

Looking forward to beautiful tulips in the garden again.

Fringe tulips
Our hillside garden at the south of our home.
I have seen a couple of robins in the garden again last week-so soon they will be busy making their nests and feeding their young.

Virginia Bluebells
I love these beautiful daffodils and I see some are up a couple of inches already.

Now,I have a  confession to make about my lack of computer knowledge.I accidently deleted ALL my pics on my Christmas blog and some pictures of this blog by deleting my web albums because I did not know they would be deleted off my blog too! Ouch!!! Well, at least I now know what NOT to do. So, just in case some of you did not know this either and free up space in your web albums by deleting them just make sure they were not used on your blog-but maybe everyone else in the world knew this but me!
I am joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays today.

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